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Jin Chen


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Demry Cheng


CNTV - Michelle Pan

Michelle Pan


“CNTV (Chinatown News TV)” is brought to you by the team behind Chinatown TV 菲中电视台, the only Filipino-Chinese lifestyle show on nationwide TV.


In our continued journey to promote our shared Filipino-Chinese culture and keep the public informed on current events in many aspects both in the Philippines and abroad, CNTV is the first news program that regularly reports Philippine headlines in Mandarin Chinese. It also reports International headlines using Mandarin as the principal language, with English and Filipino as supporting languages.


为了更好的继续弘扬中菲传统文化、为全菲观众即时报导本地和国际各个领域的新闻, 本台以华语为主播语言,以英语和菲语为第二语言。


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303 Escolta Street, Binondo

​Manila, Philippines 1006

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CNTV is brought to you by:


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First ever trilingual Filipino-Chinese News Program

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